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Here is another in my series of collages. This one starts off with some reggae and some other palatable sounds, but goes haywire from there. Found audio, pitchwhacked and distored is the name of the game. Get melted!

Hello! Today I am launching meltmaster's patented ZenTrout News Radio. This is my imaginary radio station, and I wish that you join me there! A strictly eclectic selection of the predictable and not-so-predictable. An hour of quality music. Expected post-punk and new-wave, New Zealand droning, fuzz guitar country (gleaned from the WFMU blog), and some other sweet-and-sour tidbits. I have provided both a .zip of the individual audio files as well as a streaming podcast version on my meltmaster "Raw from Selection" podomatic account. You can listen here (as well as to past episodes): or download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/iydmmmunemi/ZTN RADIO 1.zip Playlist: 1. ZTN Radio Bumper 2. 4 out of 5 Doctors - Anna with Antennae 3. The Church - Happy Hunting Ground 4. Last Man in Europe - A Certain Bridge 5. John Cale - Hanky Panky Nohow (Drone Mix) 6. 5'NIZZA (?) - Anthem of the Soviet Union (1977) 7. Carl Butler - Wonder Drug 8. Charlie Louvin - Cash on the Barrelhead 9. David Kilgour - Time to Run 10. Jose Carreras - Vesti La Giubba- Pagliacci, Leoncavallo 11. Roy Montgomery - Kafka was Correct 12. Roy Montgomery - The Small Sleeper (For Jack) 13. Anita Bryant - Six Boys and Seven Girls 14. Eyeless in Gaza - The Eyes of Beautiful Losers 15. Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long 16. Link Wray and his Ray Men - Missing Link 17. The Maori Hi-Five - Goody Goody 18. Josh White - No More Blues Crossposted at Zentrout News and No Reason to Rise Alone.

This blood and sweat of years of midiing and twiddling; this is work that I would put under the aegis of A Better Tomorrow II, my more accessible ALTER EGOist. My myspace page just hit 20,000 plays; I'm happy about this. I don't do this except because I like to. I hope you enjoy it. If you like one particular track, let me know. You can use audacity to cut out the track you like. I consider my work to be public domain; just credit me where credit's due. Thanks for stopping by.
A Better Tomorrow II: The Cast
1. Crazy Old Man
2. Untitled
3. Nobody Says What They're Thinking Even When They're Drinking
4. Pendulum
5. Future Events That Happen in the Future
6. Taeb
7. Untitled
8. Penumbra
9. Savage Baggage Masters
10. Relative Freedom
11. Transient

We've almost hit a 20,000 plays--that's almost equal to the number of bullets shot in the final shoot-out in the movie!


This is something I did very recently. I just finished editing it, in fact. This is a collaboration between myself and my nephew--who is not quite 2 years old. When I babysit him we play with some of my keyboards and this is the best of what we've done so far.


This is an audio tribute to the film collaborations of Klaus Kinski and Werner Herzog. It has music and dialogue from the movies Fitzcarraldo and Aguirre the Wrath of God, as well as from My Best Fiend. (The soundtrack music is by Popol Vuh.) It has all been melted into a sonic wash of quiet wrath and histrionic insanity. There's quite a bit of original material in here as well. Music that I made using SynthEdit and the old virtual synth TS-404, which I still love. Again, like The Landlady Symphony, it may take some patience, but you must listen closely and let it envelope you. Or put it on the background. Whatever works for you, my friend! (I have marked this show as explicit because there is much cursing, but almost all in German.)


Meltmaster's Raw From Selection presents a collage symphony based on messages left to my roommate John by our psycho landlady when I was living in Long Island circa 2001-2002. John wanted to pay his last month's rent by using his security deposit. Our landlady was quite upset with him for doing this. She was a vicious lady. She would do surprise visits to the house we were renting to see how clean everything was. In New York State this was illegal--I later found out. The landlady or landlord has to give 24 hours notice! She really bullied me, and I'm a nice person--I swear. After the symphony there are a few harsh-sounding dance mixes that I made using sequences intended for other songs and then just randomizing all the samples. I thought the results are interesting. I consider all of this public domain. Also, I sample some things but I don't remember what. I believe there's some Chick Corea somewhere in here.